Never Summer 100k—Mission Report

Never Summer 100k – 7/26-7/27 2015

Team members: 2

Vehicles: Command 1

Miles driven: 332

Man hours: 48


NOCO SAR / ESS volunteered 2 team members and one vehicle for this event.

0500 – Departure from Fort Collins with a destination of the Gould Community Center

0545 – 11180 Hwy 14 (east of Mishawaka / west of Poudre Canyon Fire Station 1)- Command 1 comes across overturned vehicle along roadway with downed tree and vehicle partially blocking the eastbound lane of traffic. Upon inspection of the scene it is noted the vehicle is still warm, lights still on, passenger window broken out, and debris in roadway. Attempts to reach dispatch via cell phone and radio failed. A search of the area failed to locate any occupants, unknown if occupant (s) were ejected or had left scene and in need of medical attention. Command 1 returned to Poudre Canyon Fire Station 1 and used an emergency call box to contact Larimer County Dispatch. Upon giving dispatch a plate number and location we were informed it was a cold accident scene and the patient had already been transported to the hospital, we were told that CSP had been notified and the vehicle should have been tagged or taped to notify others that it was cold. To keep other passing motorists from coming to the same conclusion that we had, we taped the vehicle.

0720 – Arrival at Gould Community Center (Start / Finish)

0730 – Departure Gould Community Center (40°30’32.99″N 106° 0’10.64″W), Destination Montgomery Aid Station (40°33’15.95″N 105°54’50.86″W). – The trip from the Gould community center to Montgomery Aid Station was a very challenging and technical 4×4 assent of the mountain up to 11,200’ in Command 1.

0850 – Arrival at Montgomery Aid Station. Upon arrival NOCO SAR / ESS set up a communications post, checked to make sure we could reach all stations, assisted volunteers with setting up the aid station, coordinated with on scene Diamond Peak Ski Patrol EMT, and located / confirmed nearest Life Flight landing zone coordinates in the event the need for medevac arose.

1005 – First runner passes through Montgomery Aid Station. From 1005 to 1440 NOCO SAR / ESS personnel pass critical traffic, relay traffic for other stations that are unable to communicate directly due to terrain or other factors, and assist volunteers with aid station duties.

1440 – Second to last runner indicated last runner approximately 30 min behind him on course may have been ill and in distress. 1 SAR / ESS member, 1 Diamond Peak Ski Patrol EMT, and 1 aid station volunteer set out on foot from Montgomery Aid Station towards the summit of Diamond Peak to locate and check on status of last runner. Last runner located approximately ¼ mile up trail, feeling ill but ambulatory and able to continue. Runner escorted back to aid station for evaluation and aid. Runner decided to continue on to Ruby Jewel Aid Station.

1530 – Command 1 was requested to work second shift to help provide assistance to other aid stations. Command 1 dispatched to bring 30 gallons of water from Montgomery Aid Station to Canadian Yurt Aid Station (40°36’45.26″N 106° 0’11.43″W).

1630 – Command 1 drop off supplies at Bochman Aid Station (40°33’32.71″N 105°58’19.24″W).

1700 – Command 1 delivers 30 gallons of water to Canadian Yurt Aid Station.

1730 – Command 1 return to Bochman Aid Station to assist with radio communications and aid station duties.

2100 – Command 1 provides transport for injured runner back to Start / Finish and returns to Bochman Aid Station.

2300 – Command 1 dispatched to retrieve and transport 3 aid station workers from Clear Lake Aid Station (40°38’44.97″N 106° 1’18.25″W)  back to Start / Finish, challenging off-road 4×4 trails, low visibility conditions.

0130 – Command 1 Drops off aid station workers at Start / Finish, Command 1 put on standby for SAR by net control, there is an overdue and unaccounted for runner and 2 medicals in progress in remote areas that may require assistance.

0200 – Command 1 arrives back at Bochman aid station. We are informed that missing runner has been located at home and medicals are cleared without needing our assistance. Command 1 breaks down radio communications tent and packs up equipment.

0230 – Command 1 clears area of operations and signs out of net control.

0500 – Command 1 Arrives back in Fort Collins.


Northern Colorado Search and Rescue / Emergency Service Support would like to thank Gnar Runners for putting on a great event, we had a blast attending and assisting with this event and hope to be invited back next year. Congratulations to all the runners who competed in this event, it was amazing to see what these competitors were capable of.



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