Never Summer 100k—Mission Report

Never Summer 100k – 7/26-7/27 2015 Team members: 2 Vehicles: Command 1 Miles driven: 332 Man hours: 48   NOCO SAR / ESS volunteered 2 team members and one vehicle for this event. 0500 – Departure from Fort Collins with a destination of the Gould Community Center 0545 – 11180 Hwy 14 (east of Mishawaka […]

UAV / UAS Program

Due to increased interest from multiple agencies in our operational area, NOCO SAR / ESS will be expanding our UAV / UAS program. Our current capabilities include a commercial multirotor platform with 4k streaming video. While this system performs very well it lacks many capabilities that would help increase our effectiveness. The new platforms will […]

Summer Fundraiser

NOCO SAR / ESS will be conducting a series of fundraisers over the summer of 2015. We have 28 prizes, donated by local businesses and individuals. Some of these will be given away at random through our facebook page, and a select few prizes will be auctioned off to the highest bidder through facebook. Visit our […]